Self storage unit investing

The demand for storage has been rising exponentially and one of the most overlooked long term investments in real estate is self storage unit investing.

As the Baby Boomers get set to retire, move, travel, downsize and/or buy 2nd homes, the need for self storage will absolutely skyrocket. Why? Because what do you need when you move, travel, downsize or buy 2nd homes? Storage space!

Another important thing to consider is Baby Boomers have over $2 trillion dollars in purchasing power, so they can afford to purchase a luxury storage space.

Consider some of the other benefits compared to apartment buildings or rental housing, very minimal maintenance costs compared to traditional real estate investment vehicles.

At Luxury Warehouse Storage we also offer owner financing options so qualifying is easier than buying a home or apartment.

Don’t miss out on a great investment opportunity, contact us today to learn how you can own a luxury storage space in Houston Texas.