Luxury Storage Units in Houston Texas

Luxury Warehouse Storage is a 10acre gated community of 1200-2400 sq. ft climate controlled luxury storage units for people to purchase and own. These spaces provide storage solutions for owners of large luxury items such as boats, RVs, exotic cars and more; giving them a comfortable place to safely store their investment for years to come.

The benefits of ownership are tremendous. With ownership comes the freedom to use your space as you like, with no restrictions about customization, business hours, or the possibility of increased monthly rent. Since mortgage rates are stable, your monthly payments will be safe from inflation making it easier to budget while saving you money over the long term. Ownership also means that there is little to no turnover of units so you can get to know your neighbors and become part of our community of owners. This exclusive gated community of garage condominiums was designed with the needs of luxury toy owners in mind and offers owners a premium location with incomparable safety, convenience and long term value.

The complex will house 150 units in total with a completely secure perimeter, gated entrance and surveillance cameras throughout the property. The first phase, which will include 24-48 units, will be completed and move-in ready by February 2014. We encourage our owners to make their units a home away from home by adding mezzanines, car lifts, custom flooring, and flat panel TVs; anything that will make your space an enjoyable place to spend time. These premium storage spaces come with electricity, lighting, and full surveillance options so that you can check on your storage space remotely. Luxury Warehouse Storage is also the only condominium warehouse that comes equip with water and sewer hookup for every unit. We’ve created this development with the owner in mind and there is nothing that we haven’t thought of. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) are written to provide owners with both privacy and security that cannot be found at most other locations.

The condominium complex is discreetly located at the end of a dead-end street in Spring Texas making it an ideal location for the safety and security of its owners. This complex is conveniently located and will serve the needs of people in Houston, Spring Texas, Cypress, The Woodlands and Tomball. This location is less than 6kms away from the new Exxon Headquarters, making it an ideal solution to store inventory or supplies that could help to grow your business. Your indoor storage space will undoubtedly become a valuable extension of your home or business.