Own The Ultimate Storage Unit 

Don't waste money renting when you can own a luxury storage unit for your RV, boat, car, or motorcycle. 

Perfect for storing your recreational vehicles. 

Our generous space size allows clients to store small toys like motorcycles, and even large toys like recreational vehicles.

Store your collector car in style and have a place to hangout with friends.

Worried about keeping your collector car or exotic in perfect condition? Our enclosed storage units ensure your investment is safe from theft and the elements. 

Owner benefits

Amenities include a conference room, free Wi-Fi, luxury restrooms, and highly secure perimeter gates.

The Advantages of Ownership

Here are just some of the reasons why buying a luxury storage unit instead of renting one makes sense. 

Customize It

When you own a storage unit you can modify it to fit your needs, you can't do that when your renting a storage unit. 

Make Profit

As with any property investment there are no guarantees, but you might be able to sell your unit for a profit later!

Future Proof

What if the economy took a turn for the worse? You'll have a backup plan for your belongings that's safe and secure.

One Time Cost

Instead of paying monthly rental fees you'll have a one time fixed cost to purchase the unit and no surprise rent increases.